VSN700 Data Logger

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VSN700 Data Logger : ABB monitoring and communications

The high-performance VSN700 Data Logger provides simple and quick commissioning with device discovery and automatic IP addressing as well as remote management features.
This SunSpec compliant datalogger records data and events from inverters, energy meters, weather stations, and other photovoltaic plant devices, and acts as an Internet gateway to send the data securely and reliably to the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform for performance monitoring, condition monitoring and data reporting.
The VSN700 Data Logger is also available integrated in turnkey solutions, such as VSN730 System Monitor or VSN750 Plant Manager.

Three performance levels

The VSN700 Data Logger is available in three performance levels to fit anyone’s budget and functionality:
VSN700-01 Data Logger is available to those residential customers who only need to monitor up to five (5) singlephase inverters.
VSN700-03 Data Logger is a cost-optimized logger for small commercial installations up to ten (10) single and three-phase string inverters and one weather station (VSN800 Weather Station).
VSN700-05 Data Logger provides both customer data management and inverter command and control for commercial and utility PV system operation, as well as SCADA integration.

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