SMA Energy Meter


Universal recording of measured values for intelligent energy management

The powerful measurement solution for intelligent energy management within the SMA Smart Home: The SMA Energy Meter takes phase-exact and balanced electrical measured values as a grid feed-in and purchased electricity meter and communicates these values via Speedwire.

Thanks to its ability to quickly acquire measured values, the SMA Energy Meter is the ideal supplier of data for intelligent energy management within the SMA Smart Home.

All PV generation data purchased electricity and grid feed-in can be transmitted via standard Ethernet cable to the Sunny Home Manager, for example, or to the Sunny Boy Smart Energy.

This, in turn, facilitates optimal energy monitoring, effective load and battery management and reliable active power limitation at the grid feed-in point while taking self-consumption into account.


Quick plug and play installation

Graphic visualization of current measured values in Sunny Portal


Space-saving top-hat rail mounting in household distribution thanks to compact enclosure

Use of standard Ethernet cables for Speedwire communication

Universal deployment options regardless of existing energy meter

Easily and flexibly combined with SMA Smart Home components

High Performance

Fast three-phase reading of measured values for effective energy management

Fast Speedwire communication

 Storage application example

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SMA Energy Meter

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