Tesvolt- 48V Lithium Storage System

Operating voltage: 47.6 to 58.1V DC

Whether it’s used for emergency power, or coupled to the power grid or off-grid, whether it’s in the desert or the polar circle, with the TESVOLT TS storage system, TESVOLT is offering power storage technology for all types of use.

The TESVOLT TS storage system is not only flexible, with a size and output that can adapt to suit any need; it is also one of the most advanced and efficient storage systems. It is exceptionally robust and is, therefore, well-suited to the hardest tasks.

Thanks to high-quality battery cells from the automobile industry and innovative technologies, such as the Active Battery Optimizer, our TESVOLT TS storage system is one of the most efficient and durable products on the market.

Maximum safety

Prismatic battery cells are incredibly durable, safe, and sturdy – particularly in comparison to round cells. TESVOLT uses Samsung SDI cells and offers a capacity guarantee of 10 years on the battery modules.

Long lifespan

The lifespan of a battery has a massive impact on its economic efficiency. Our storage system features outstanding performance: all components are designed to last 8,000 cycles or offer a 30-year lifespan.

High-performance without compromise

TESVOLT TS storage systems can store energy very quickly, and rerelease it just as quickly. With a continuous power rating of 1C – and even 4C for short periods – the storage system optimizes for professional use in commercial applications, agriculture, and industry.

Flexibility now and in the future

Our TESVOLT TS storage systems do not only offer flexible configuration options at the moment of purchase – thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimizer technology, and the capacity can also expand years later.


Emergency power – in the case of a power failure, your storage system is ready to supply the electricity in a split second

Increase self-consumption – use more of the power you have generated.

Off-grid power supply – create your power grid, for example, in combination with a photovoltaic system.


TESVOLT TS storage systems can flexibly adapt to suit any operating purpose:

The desired energy is building up in 4.8 kWh increments. An Active Power Unit (APU) can monitor up to 16 battery modules.

Three different racks are available as housing, each holding up to 5, 8, or 10 battery modules.

1-phase or 3-phase supply and the desired connected load determine the number of battery inverters required.


Potential capacities depending on power output using SMA Sunny Island island inverters:


TESVOLT TS storage systems can integrate into stand-alone grids and can also connect to the utility grid. They can flexibly combine with any energy generator, including photovoltaics, bioenergy, wind power, and diesel generators.

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