Tesvolt – TPS Lithium Storage System

Maximum system voltage: 950V DC

The TPS system is not only flexible. It can be optimally adjusted to suit any application, but it is also one of the most advanced and efficient storage systems on the market.

All the components of our storage systems are built to last 30 years and 8,000 cycles, thereby guaranteeing excellent cost efficiency.

Thanks to high-quality battery cells from the automotive industry and innovative technologies, such as the Active Battery Optimizer, our TPS storage system is one of the safest and most efficient products on the market.

TPS storage systems can store energy very quickly, and rerelease it even faster. With a continuous power rating of 1C for charging and discharging, the storage system optimized for professional use in industry and grid services.

Maximum safety

Prismatic battery cells are incredibly durable, safe, and powerful – particularly in comparison to round cells. Tesvolt uses cells from Samsung SDI and offers a 10-year performance warranty on the entire storage system.

Long service life

The service life of a battery has a huge impact on its economic efficiency. Our storage system features outstanding performance data: All components are built to last 8,000 cycles and offer a 30-year service life.

High-performance without compromise

TPS storage systems can store energy very quickly, and rerelease it even faster. The continuous output is 1C for charging and discharging, and thus enables professional use in industry and for grid services.

Flexibility now and in the future

Our TPS storage systems do not only offer flexible configuration options at the moment of purchase – thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimizer technology, and the battery modules can also be retrofitted or exchanged even years later.

The TPS system has a fully modular structure, from battery modules to the container.

It is, therefore, easily customized and extremely efficient, thanks to its long service life.


On-grid – Grid system services

  • Q(U) on-demand – flexible, reactive power supply (through the inverter)
  • P(f) on-demand – frequency-dependent active power control for grid support, e.g. (frequency response)
  • Balancing power – offsetting fluctuations in the grid
  • Ramp Rate Control – balancing out irregularities in power output
  • Peak load capping – offsetting peaks in demand (load shifting and load shedding)


TESVOLT TPS systems can be used in combination with suitable battery inverters (such as SMA SCS) in off-grid networks, e.g., for optimizing diesel hybrid systems (Genset optimization control). This enables a reduction in fuel consumption.


The table below shows the potential capacity depending on the output and container design.


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