e-STORAGE – Energy Storage Solutions


e-STORAGE currently operates two fully automated, state-of-the-art, and industry-leading manufacturing facilities and expects to reach an annual capacity of 20 MWh. From initial design to final production, we prioritize manufacturing quality to ensure that Solbank not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Our team of experts meticulously oversees every step, employing stringent quality control measures that guarantee the reliability and long-term performance of our storage solutions.

Integrating Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Our Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are designed for seamless integration, optimizing project performance and economics. We prioritize meticulous project sizing and minimize capital expenditure through strategic augmentation. Our design methodology ensures the selection of equipment that meets local and technical requirements while remaining highly customizable. In execution, our integrated BESS supply encompasses critical elements, including the Engineering Design Package, efficient procurement, and delivery of equipment, commissioning services, and unwavering technical support.


The e-STORAGE team is a dynamic ensemble of dedicated professionals driven by a shared passion for pioneering advancements in energy storage solutions. Comprising experts from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, technology, and project management, our team brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to innovation to every endeavor.

Track record

To date, e-STORAGE has deployed more than 3.4 MWh of battery energy storage solutions across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China. The e-STORAGE team is fully equipped to continue providing high-quality, scalable energy storage solutions and contribute to the widespread adoption of clean energy.



  • Cost-effective and long service life.
  • Integrated, modular design, adapt to different application scenarios, convenient installation, and flexible commissioning.
  • Active balancing BMS on pack and rack level, with 2A balance current releasing more energy and extends the lifespan.
  • Liquid cooling technology with cell temperatures being controlled within the optimal operating range, temperature difference < 3℃.
  • Battery pack IP67 seal grade avoids dust, moisture, and water condensation.
  • Multi-stage thermal management technology effectively prevents battery heat spread and improves the safety.
  • Multi-level fire detection monitors early thermal runaway of cells.
  • Built-in peak shaving, demand management and other operational control modes; operational data can be accessed via 5G, LAN, etc. to the cloud, enabling unattended operation and maintenance efficiency.


PRODUCT LINE MODEL NAME Weight (kg) Dimension (WxHxD)
Rate DC Voltage/
Operating DC Voltage Range
Maximum battery
capacity of the energy
storage system
Max. Charging/
Discharge Power
KUBANK CSI-KuBank-S-247-2h-IEC ≤2800kg 1550 x 2200 x 2100 772.8Vdc ~ 993.6Vdc 247kWh 98kW / 102kW 145 A Download Contact Us

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