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Helukabel – Developing with Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility stands for the company’s own corporate responsibility towards society. We at HELUKABEL are convinced that sustainable management is an investment in the future. In addition to our quality, environmental and energy policy, as well as our implementation of the REACH and RoHS regulations, we would also like to present a few of our social projects and support here.

Quality, Environmental, and Energy Policy

At Helukabel, the company is committed to effectively implementing policies on quality, environment, and energy through an integrated management system involving all levels of employees and management.

DIN Certificate

The quality of  products is always independently and regularly checked.

Our goal is to consistently produce high-quality products. Through certifications of our product management processes to international standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015, HELUKABEL meets both quality and environmental standards in the production of our cable and wire products.

DIN EN ISO 9001 includes the development, design, and production of cables and wires as well as the distribution of cables, wires, and accessories. DIN EN ISO 50001 includes provisions for the Energy Management System.

ROSH Certificate

The ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) is a certification for products, electrical, and electronic equipment that do not contain hazardous substances, which can affect human health, issued by the European Union since 2002, but officially enforced from 1st July 2006.


Important to photovoltaic systems is the safe and long-lasting cabling of the individual modules among each other as well as also the cabling of the elements with the inverter. Due to the occasional extreme weather conditions outdoors, strict requirements are placed on the cables. For the cabling of solar modules, we offer the SOLARFLEX® brand of high-quality cables certified by TÜV. Thanks to special sheathing materials and insulating materials, they are not only flame retardant and halogen-free, but also resistant to ozone, UV, acids and alkalis, hydrolysis and ammonia. Even rodents don’t stand a chance against this cable, because our SOLARFLEX® cables are also available with rodent protection.

Power cable



DC Cable


AC Cable

Medium voltage electric cable



Communication cable


To ensure stability, efficiency, high performance, and safety, all HELUKABEL products undergo rigorous quality control processes at the manufacturing plant. Basic tests such as bending, stretching, crushing, and burning are routinely conducted to evaluate product quality. These tests are performed according to national and international standards, ensuring and confirming the high quality of HELUKABEL products. As of 2021, HELUKABEL’s control cables, signal cables, and accessories have received national certification from Germany (VDE) and 16 other international certifications (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, etc.)


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